At The Specialist Vein Centre our physicians are dedicated to making patients feel at ease throughout their treatment. Our team will thoroughly evaluate your condition, discuss the details of your situation so you feel comfortable and present you with a course of action that works best for you. Now is a great time to finally take care of your legs.

Varicose vein and Spider vein treatment is a specialized field and treatment plans must be customized for each individual. At The Specialist Vein Centre we can effectively treat varicose veins and superficial veins without the down time that is often experienced with surgery. There is no need to take time off work even after treatment of the most severe varicosed veins. In fact, we prefer normal activities to be resumed after treatment with no need for bed rest or periods of inactivity. Our experienced team at The Specialist Vein Centre offers understanding and support during patient's evaluation.

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DR CELESTINE RAGOONANAN is a vascular consultant and is the most experienced person in radio frequency ablation in the Caribbean. He has performed numerous vascular procedures and is dedicated to the proper evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of all vascular diseases.

DR JANELLE BLACKMAN offers indepth knowledge and experience and is fully certified in advanced sclerotherapy. She has vast experience in her speciality and is highly skilled in these treatment methods.

DR FIDEL RAMPERSAD is a consultant radiologist who has great experience in vascular radiology. He is known for his high standards and ensures the best possible service and results for our patients.